About Us

About Us

About Us
Searching and seeking jobs can now become seamless with Toto Flare. As you browse through the pages of the job portal you can find according to your relevant skill and expertise. Toto Flare helps to connect you with a global podium of skill-based jobs. With hundreds of employers to choose from, it provides the perfect platform for your career development and growth.

After catering in this particular domain for years we have expanded our roots from a local job searching platform to a global portal. With a simplified searching technique, you can easily filter out the job you wish to opt for. At Toto Flare, we have adopted the state-of-the-art technique and the latest technology to make your entire journey of job search simple. Connect with us for a better tomorrow.


The sole purpose of creating Toto Flare is to help promising candidates from all over the country get closer to their dream jobs absolutely free of cost. We have numerous best jobs for freshers in India in every field you can think of. We make sure you get every job alert and stay up to date in your job searching journey.


Our vision is very simple- We want to bridge the gap between the job seeker and the employer. We want every candidate to get a job of their choice and build a promising career for themselves, which is the reason we have kept the user interface simple for a seamless process.

Director’s Message

I have always believed in the power of a job. I have seen the fortunes of families changing when individuals get their dream job and make a successful career out of it. We really hope to see individuals stand up on their own two feet and make a career for themselves. The vision that we carried when we started Toto Flare was to primarily help such promising candidates to get closer to their dream jobs.

Our commitment to bridging the gap between an employer and a candidate has what led us to become one of the best emerging job search platforms. We hope Toto Flare helps numerous aspirants who are on this journey of making a career and changing fortunes.